Ultraman as well European films-to-English, wrote thirteen TV shows for producer Ron Dener entitled"/>

About the Book:
America wasn’t telling the truth about their war on terror since 9/11 because they didn’t want the nation to panic. Russian President Vitally Lavrov sent American President Charles McPherson his top counter-terrorist agent in the SVR, Russia’s equivalent to the CIA, Aleksey Ivanov, to help America’s cause. It was a privilege for Aleksey to represent his country, but he had grown up under the old Soviet system and the lack of American intelligence was something that stuck in his craw.

One early May morning in Northern Siberia, an American Stealth dropped a thermonuclear bomb on an unknown material, witnessed by Aleksey and his SVR boss, General Gennadiy Khristenko, who knew a most valued political secret. Told that secret – a global collusion merging the worlds’ corporations was about to take place – Aleksey was ordered to stop it, unbeknownst that a terrorist plot was being launched against America. That he would be chased through Russia, Europe and America to be killed after a meeting with a mysterious stranger caused his way of life to come to a sudden halt no one ever learned, including his traitorous, beautiful wife, Yelena, his chief, and fellow agents in the CIA. Here is Aleksey Ivanov’s story so out of step with the ordinary and yet true. Brace yourself -- for you are about to take the ride of your life!

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Nov. 01, 1930 - July 07, 2004

About Author:
STAN PAPELL has busied himself within almost every facet of writing. After publishing over twenty short stories in national men’s magazines, he held down a job as jr. copywriter in an ad agency, freelanced work writing booklets, wrote publicity for a Broadway musical, wrote lip-sync dialogue for children’s TV shows such as Ultraman as well European films-to-English, wrote thirteen TV shows for producer Ron Dener entitled The Doctor’s On, had plays produced in New York and Los Angeles, wrote the winning film script in a competition sponsored by the Hollywood Scriptwriting Instituting in July, 2001, and last wrote the screenplay for the film Proverbial Justice released that same year before starting on his novel, The Second Confirmation.
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The guards clutched at their heads, their bodies half-jiggling before falling to the ground. The three Spec Ops returned to the others who waited and Bukayev waved everyone forward. They reached the windows in the first building and Bukayev inched his way to the glass, checked-out what he saw, then waved his head to the others that this was not their target. The unit proceeded to the next building.

“Who goes there?” asked a sharp voice from the darkness, as a man walked out of a door and onto the cement path. There was no answer. The one with the voice came closer and a hand grabbed his shoulder and spun him around while a razor-sharp blade slit his throat. The guard dropped and was pulled into the shadows. The unit continued to the second building, with some lights in the windows, while Bukayev pointed in different directions. Each man in the unit ducked away.

Bukayev raised himself to the first lighted window and looked inside. Ten more mercenaries in paramilitary uniforms with rifles strapped on their shoulders were talking and crushing out cigarettes. Bukayev watched them check their ammunition clips, then lowered himself away from the window.